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Richard J. Hanel, MSN ARNP and Founder of Focused Mens Health, has been a men’s health advocate specifically in the area of ED Management and sexual health since 2015.  

At age 45, Rich began experiencing symptoms of Low T.  After searching out physicians to help, he soon realized that there were very few doctors who were comfortable or even equipped to treat his problem.  This frustration prompted him to seek out his own continuing education and practice guidelines for the treatment and management of hormone replacement therapy.    After traveling north and south of St. Augustine, Florida, he realized that there was a need for this specialized service right in his home town.   Those ensuing years were a precursor to the founding of his practice. 

Focused Mens’ Health is a hybrid of medical proficiency and specialized care for men who are seeking improved sexual function, better sleep patterns, balanced emotional state and enhanced physical wellness. 

Focused Mens Health is dedicated to the optimal health and well being of men.  We are attentive to our patients’ personal concerns and concentrate on the unique needs of men of all ages.  Focused Mens Health excels at treating Aging and Wellness, ED Management, Hormone Optimization and overall sexual health in a discrete professional setting. 


Rich did his graduate degree at George Washington University as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with Board Certification from ANCC as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. He graduated with Honors. Rich has worked in surgery for the last 18 years with certification as a First Assistant in surgery. He has worked various areas as a Nurse Practitioner to include Surgical Oncology, Primary Care and now specializes in Orthopaedics with foot and ankle disorders.  He is a member of the American Board of Surgical Assistants.    

For over 8 years, Rich has worked closely with the team of doctors and medical staff at  Orthopedic Associates of St. Augustine, North Florida's premier practice specializing in sports medicine and joint injuries.  His responsibilities include patient care, evaluation and management of orthopedic emergencies as well as general orthopedic care.  First Assist in Surgery for orthopedic cases, consultations and post operative care.  Primary care at Flagler Hospital Clinic treating general family internal medicine disease processes.  

U.S. Army Veteran (1988 - 2003)  While serving in the Gulf War, Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Operation Brightstar, Rich began his lifelong love of  medicine.  As a combat infantry medic, he learned quickly that decisions are made thoughtfully but swiftly.  Hanel was part of the first forward advanced  advance surgical team member responsible for saving lives in a combat setting.  He was also part of the Army 18th Airborne Corps.   

After the war, Rich went on to less life threatening but equally challenging educational experiences.  Honing the skills he employed in Iraq, Rich earned his RNFA, Registered Nurse First Assist,  working alongside the top surgeons on Long Island and Florida.  RNFAs provide direct patient care  in the operating room.  The requirements are extensive and  in addition to surgical experience, significant training is required in order to receive credentials as advanced practice nurses.  


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