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When it comes to taking care of business – family or career - you are focused and mindful.  But when it comes to your own personal well being, very likely that takes a backseat to everything else in your life.  Today, more than ever, your personal health and wellness have far reaching implications.  With the ability to ‘google’ everything, self-diagnosing and ‘blowing off’ the ill feeling is not the answer. 


It is important to find what works best for you and your lifestyle.  Think about how environmental, physical, spiritual and emotional factors change the way you live day to day.  Lack of preventative care means men die on average almost 5 years earlier than women. (Source: American Psychological Association)  A good core focus on food, nutrition, stress management, fitness, aging, sexual performance, a healthy gut and brain stimulating activities may seem overwhelming.  Becoming your own health advocate, with a little guidance from us, can put you on the right path to a cleaner, healthier life

The Aging Process

Everyone ages.  Fact.  What’s the alternative? Twenty-five becomes Thirty.  Fifty becomes Sixty.  You are never too old to start healthier living. “Only about 25 percent of what determines longevity is in a man’s genes,” says Stephan Quentzel, MD, a family physician, psychiatrist, and assistant professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.   By following a few simple rules and seeing your physician regularly, you can age with grace. 


Maintain A Healthy Weight  |  Watch your Diet  |  Get some Exercise  |  Moderate Alcohol consumption |  Do not Smoke  |  Manage Stress  |  Get Regular Check ups

General Health

Perhaps easier said than done.  Common sense actions today can prevent future health complications tomorrow.  What you don’t know (or refuse to acknowledge) can have far reaching implications on your general health.  Think on this: 



It takes just a little bit of focus and a will to change habits to ensure a healthier you.  Take the time to get annual check ups.  Health screenings include blood tests, cholesterol, diabetes, heart, dental, eye, immunizations, physicals and of course, testicular exams.  Know your numbers. 

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