"Rich is very knowledgeable and experienced in his practice. He makes you feel welcomed and comfortable while offering amazing advise. He always really takes the time to get to know you and helps get you to where you want to be. Top that with amazing prices and you've got yourself a forever customer!"

"I've been researching quite a bit about such services and decided to give it a shot. No pun intended. I have a good background in medicine and science and it all makes sense. After consulting with Rich, I decided it would be the right decision for me to go through with this commitment and have Rich prescribe the appropriate treatment to achieve the results I wanted. I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only did it address my initial goals, but it helped me in other areas also. Rich is thorough. straightforward and professional and makes you feel comfortable, because you know how we dudes are. The other good news is that you're not going to overpay for this service. "And trust me, she'll like it too"."

"The Staff at Focused Men's Health have been awesome, and have worked closely with me to address several issues that have grown more serious over time. I highly recommend them!!!"

"Great experience and very personal and catered care. Thank you so much for making my stubborn manly man feel comfortable!"

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